Sunday, November 24, 2013


Stake Land

Rating: 3 fangs

Seen: on Netflix

This film was definitely interesting to watch. It takes place in the near future after a vampire plague sweeps across the world. A vampire slayer who only goes by the name of Mister finds a young boy after his family (including an infant) has been killed by a vampire. The vampires in this movie drink blood but act more like zombies. So it was a weird mix of zombie/vampire monsters. They move like vampires, IE fast, but are basically undead mindless killing machines ala zombies. There are several types displayed like the Bezerkers that has an armored breastplate and must be killed by stabbing its brain at the back of the base of its head. Mister trains young Martin in the ways of killing the undead, as they head North to a place called New Eden. Along they way they pick up several stragglers, one of which is a nun played by Top Gun Star Kellie McGillis, although she is not recognizable as such.
The film is slow at times, but the story continues at a good pace, which allows for character development Although you never learn much about Mister, from his actions we can discern what type of man he is and what he must have lost/gone thru when the plague hit the world..
The plague is never explained, which is good, because it would have taken away from the story I felt. A sequel could work for this movie, but I doubt we will ever see one. It ends in the way it began, with Mister being a complete mystery to the viewer, and you know what, I was OK with that and you will be too. 


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