Friday, July 4, 2014

I, Frankenstein



Seen on: Redbox

This film was rumored to have been set in the same world as the Underworld Franchise. After watching the film I would have liked to have seen that but there was no mention in the film that the franchise would ever cross over.
I really enjoyed this film, it was solid on acting, plot and special effects. The monster named Adam is an outcast from the world, but is none the less brought into an ancient struggle between demons and gargoyles. The demons are after him for a very specific reason, much like in the film Van Helsing. I will definitely own this film as it was memorable and enjoyable.Aaron Eckhart did an excellent job playing the tortured Adam. I would hope that they would give a sequel a chance. The Paranormal was over saturated on crappy vampire stories and films. The gargoyle transformations were wonderful to behold, excellent job on the special effects there. This was familiar and different enough to make fans of the genre smile and say that was a great film!


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