Thursday, March 26, 2015

Movie Review: Dracula Untold



Rating 3 Fangs

  It takes a lot for me to give good ratings on any vampire film I watch. I hold them all to higher standards and am not easily impressed by them. Dracula Untold was a re-telling of the old Vlad Tepish legend. The story was changed from the Bram Stoker version, and that was not a bad thing. Dracula is portrayed as an anti-hero forced to become a vampire to help him people. He is granted incredible power, but may not drink blood for three days, if he can resist he will return to normal, if he cannot he will remain a vampire and release his maker from his prison.

The imagery and special effects were incredible and definitely eye pleasing. The story was solid though a bit slow at times. To me it never built up as I was expecting, but it did build up. The ending left it wide open for more, but never really explained what was to come, so you knew something was coming but not exactly what, so that was a bit of a disappointment.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Movie Review: Dragonheart 3

Dragonheart 3


Dragonheart 3

Seen on Red Box

Rating: 3 Fangs


I was expecting less than nothing from this movie. I honestly did not want to watch it, as I absolutely hated Dragonheart 2, and the direction they went with that movie. I must say that aside from a shaky start with a comet in the beginning, I was surprised when the movie began to win me over. Cinematography was solid, as was the acting. I was expecting a low grade B movie, but as I let myself get immersed in the story, it began to wrap its arms around me. Special effects were also not sub-par and believable to the eyes, that Dragon looked great in every frame in appeared in. Combat scenes were realistic and not too bloody so as not to scare the wee ones. Over all it was a great movie, that I would not have minded paying 14.00 at the normal theater to watch on the big screen. I did comment that this movie was one that we should add to our dvd library. I would rate this movie just slightly below its original counterpart. I would watch Dragonheart 1, forget that #2 ever existed, and go straight into #3. You will have an enjoyable lighthearted fantasy adventure.



Friday, March 6, 2015

Movie Review: Predestination


Seen on Red Box
Rating: 4 Fangs

Predestination is your standard time travel regulation movie. Ethan Hawk plays a retiring time agent who has been chasing his “White Whale” for many years but has been unable to capture the elusive bomber. Now I immediately suspected that Ethan and the bomber were one in the same. I will not spoil if my suspicions were correct or not. Where the movie takes the bulk of the story's turn is how Ethan recruits a new agent to replace him. The new agent retells his story in detail and then accepts his offer. This is where most viewers will lose it as the true story unravels. It was an unbelievable twist at the end that still leaves me in shock as I think about it. Brilliant story telling that has time travel essentially as a backdrop. I highly recommend this movie if you are into surprise twist endings and time travel.

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