Thursday, January 23, 2014


Rating 2 Fangs
Seen on Netflix

What else needs to be said about this film. Its sharks in a tornado, well really a waterspout. I am a fan of such movies. I really enjoy a good B film, but this one fell short. B Films are know for their cheesiness, bad acting, scantily clad starlets, and a bigger than life hero. This film had them all, and as such firmly places it in the B film category. I am still not sure why this movie transcended the film niche that it was in. It was meh, but certainly not so great to merit the hype connected to it. It was boring most of the time, and the sharks were always in a frenzy and hungry, for no reason. They were poor traumatized sea creatures that acted like maniacal lunatics. I needed a little more to explain their aggressiveness.  The ending scene was indeed class A, B film material, but little else in this movie made me want to recommend it to anyone.

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