Thursday, March 26, 2015

Movie Review: Dracula Untold



Rating 3 Fangs

  It takes a lot for me to give good ratings on any vampire film I watch. I hold them all to higher standards and am not easily impressed by them. Dracula Untold was a re-telling of the old Vlad Tepish legend. The story was changed from the Bram Stoker version, and that was not a bad thing. Dracula is portrayed as an anti-hero forced to become a vampire to help him people. He is granted incredible power, but may not drink blood for three days, if he can resist he will return to normal, if he cannot he will remain a vampire and release his maker from his prison.

The imagery and special effects were incredible and definitely eye pleasing. The story was solid though a bit slow at times. To me it never built up as I was expecting, but it did build up. The ending left it wide open for more, but never really explained what was to come, so you knew something was coming but not exactly what, so that was a bit of a disappointment.


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