Friday, February 20, 2015

Movie Review: JOHN WICK

John Wick
Seen on Redbox
Rating: Four Very Bloody Fangs

I truly enjoyed this film. It was a little slow at the start, but this pace of story telling builds the story up and places you firmly on John Wick's side. once the story got going I couldn't wait to see what Wick was going to do to his enemies.

The action was incredible and believable. The Gun-Fu performed by Keanu reminded me of John Woo Films and Equilibrium. The hitman back story and world building were easy to pick up on. They spend just enough time on it for most to just "get it."

For a great ride, and a great time, I do recommend you watch this film. Sit back and watch the carnage. I am looking forward to a sequel, but like most movies I fear a second movie won't have the depth and emotional pull that this once did. If the writers go the route like the Bourne films did I am sure they can achieve several more hits.

Go rent it now, or pick it up on CD or Blue-ray, it's definitively worth owning.


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