Thursday, February 19, 2015

Movie Review: LUCY

Seen on: Red Box
Rating: 1 Fang

Where do I start? This movie was especially disappointing for me. I am a fan of Luc Bessom and look forward to everything and anything that he has a hand in. This is now the 2nd moving in a row that has left me less than Bessomed. I sat thru Three days to Kill and wondered what happened, but even that movie was leaps and bounds better than LUCY.

The movie starts of slow and starts to job a little and gain speed, but never achieves that heart-pounding pace I have come to expect from his films. It felt like he was trying to branch out into a sci-fi psychological thriller, but failed miserably. The acting was droll, the action was laughable, the car chase scene was amusing, but even for a Luc Bessom film, too many cars inexplicable flipped over for no reason other than "let's flip that car".

The entire plot was sound, but the conclusion to the story left me unfulfilled.  I was left just wondering, "Was that it?" I do not recommend this movie to anyone. There were some good points and the concept for the film was intriguing, but it simply did not pack enough of a punch to make me not feel like I had wasted 90 minutes of my life. Skip it.


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